Mimasaka Santou

Mimasaka Santou is well known for
its bath of beautiful skin.
We will introduce the superb qualities
of the springs in more detail.
Don’t forget about these recommended
spots we’d like for you to
enjoy with the onsen!


Yubara Skin polishing for silky skin in the smooth onsen water.

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Okutsu Recharge your skin to full health with the blessings of the freshly welled onsen.

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Yunogo Make your body moisturized and warm with the salt water bath which gently caresses the skin.

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Hiroko Ishii

Travel writer/ Onsen beauty researcher

She travels for about 200 days a year, both within and outside Japan, and writes columns about her experiences in newspapers and magazines as an onsen travel writer. She advocates for “Onsen Beauty Trips,” which make the body and mind more beautiful through the power of onsen, nature, and cuisine.